Welcome to my website.

I am a professional software developer. My interests include computers, and dogs.

Computers have always been my primary hobby. I have been a professional Windows developer since the late 1980s. Through the years I have been involved in many projects ranging from commercial software sold off the shelf to systems for internal use.

My first exposure to computers was spending days and days trying (unsuccessfully) to write a computer program to do my math homework. But I was young, computers were new, and I was hooked. This has followed through to where I am always looking for ways to automate repetitive tasks on the computer.

My other love with computers is machine communications. I have worked with modems at the RS232 level and at the networking layers. The good, bad, and ugly of this is it requires more than one computer to do. So I have acquired a collection of computers, with hardware to keep them talking to each other.

I currently have 3 dogs, a Great Dane and a pair of Australian Shepherds. I am active in local dog clubs supporting Obedience and Conformation. I occasionally show in Obedience and Rally at the local events, and make our annual trip the Great Dane Nationals event when possible.