I am a software developer with many years of experience. I wrote my first 'program' in about 1967. I will admit it wasn't much of a program, but by the time I realized I had spent days trying to write a program to do 30 minutes of homework I knew I was hooked. I started working in software professionally in 1984 after getting a degree in Information Systems. I have written software for every version of Windows since Windows 2.0 (and there were other systems before that).

As you can tell from the web site I am not a graphics person. I primarily work on background processes or services. I try to keep up with current practices in software although it seems like I am always a step behind. My primary languages are C++ and C#, although I have used Java, Javascript, SQL, Windows Batch, Powershell, and many others. Recently I have been working a lot with WebAPIs, both creating and consuming. If two computers are talking to each other I want to be the one writing the code to do it.

I run my own home network providing myself a place to play and learn. It is a bit extreme for a home network, somewhere around a dozen (virtual) machines including IIS, Exchange, and SCOM. I maintain my own subscription to MSDN allowing me to keep up with most of the latest technologies. I am also playing with IoT using the Raspberry Pi to monitor the temperatures inside my house.

I moved to the New Melle MO area in 2017 to give the dogs (and me) room to move around. We are settling in and are really enjoying the 'country' life.

My main hobby is computers, but I also enjoy dogs and am active in a couple local dog clubs. I do not compete often but work in the background at several local shows. I have shown Geni, Shadowfax, and Thomas in some obedience competition.

If you are interested in my skills check out my resume under my page.