I am a software developer with many years of experience. I wrote my first 'program' in about 1967. I will admit it wasn't much of a program, but by the time I realized I had spent days trying to write a program to do 30 minutes of homework I knew I was hooked. I started working in software professionally in 1984 after getting a degree in Information Systems. I have written software for every version of Windows since Windows 2.0.

As you can tell from the web site I am not a graphics person. I primarilay work on background processes or services. I try to keep up with current practices in software although it seems like I am always a step behind. My primary languages are C++ and C#, although I have used Java, Javascript, SQL, Windows Batch, Powershell, and many others.

I run my own home network providing myself a place to play and learn. It is a bit extreme for a home network, somewhere around a dozen (virtual) machines including IIS, Exchange, and SCOM. I maintain my own subscription to MSDN allowing me to keep up with most of the latest technologies.

I bought my house in 1994 in St Louis MO. Pictures of the backyard show what life in a fair sized city is like. Sure makes coming home from work a little nicer knowing what you are working for.

My main hobby is computers, but I also enjoy dogs and am active in a couple local dog clubs. I do not compete often but work in the background at several local shows. I have shown Geni, Shadowfax, and Thomas in some obedience competition.

If you are interested in my skills check out my resume under my page.